Raised in Mobile, Alabama with family rooted in New Orleans, Andrew grew up in the diverse, historic architecture of the deep South. His passion for design began soon after he could hold a pencil, and he has spent a lifetime fostering his craft. With babysitters serving as his early “clients” at age 4, he developed his first set of construction drawings at age 13, and began receiving design commissions after his freshman year of college.

As the creative force behind Andrew Dooley Design Associates, Andrew brings a diverse stylistic range to all his projects. His personalized and interactive approach to the design process fosters a collaborative design experience creating spaces his clients enjoy for years. His body of work spans the United States, and has extended into the Caribbean, Brazil, and Africa.

Now with studios in Mobile, Alabama serving the Southeast region and Los Angeles, California serving the West Coast, Andrew and his growing team create signature homes and spaces in multiple states across the country.

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The cornerstone of our business, creating a home is a responsibility we are always honored to share. Every home has a story within, and it is through listening to the client and the surroundingss, we begin to hear. Our client relationships create a collaboration of authors which insures an authentic design that will stand the test of time.


The evolution of a space allows a home or building to live forever. Sometimes it is telling your story in a different place, discovering one that has never been told, or creating your own in that perfect location requiring a dramatic makeover. We analyze your needs, the conditions of the existing space and transform it into the best it can be.


Our foundation in Residential design provides a process in our Commercial projects where no detail is overlooked. Whether it is a rooftop bar, a luxury car dealership, a wine retailer, or a creative workplace, we balance your needs, business goals, and aesthetics to create functional spaces that enhance the experience for those within.


No two projects are the same and every client brings a unique set of needs. Perhaps it is a property you are looking to purchase, land you are looking to develop, or simply trying to uncover the hidden potential in your existing space, let us be the creative design professional you and your project need to interpret and facilitate your dreams.


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Our interior’s division, RELEVO CONCEPT, is your solution to all your interior design needs. With a full range of services. , from new construction, to renovations, to home staging, RELEVO will bring out the best in the architecture of your space while reflecting the personality of those within.



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